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In Britain, Ladbrokes isn’t just another no name gambling company looking to attract a few players its way.  Instead, Ladbrokes is an extremely large, professionally-run organization that has been dealing with bettors and mega payouts for decades.  And the Ladbrokes Poker division of the company is certainly no exception to the rule.  

Ladbrokes Poker has become extremely popular in recent years and sees tons of money up for grabs every single day.  One of the best ways to get a piece of this money pie is through the MTT Leaderboards on the site.  The MTT Leaderboards are the feature of Ladbrokes Poker and those who are good enough to make it to one of the spots on this board will be rewarded greatly for their achievement.   

For those wanting an in-depth look at this leaderboard information, I will be posting and talking about it every week so that those interested can get a better look at who’s doing well as of late and who has a chance to get the great prizes that Ladbrokes dishes out on a consistent basis.  Not only can you see my discussion of the leaderboards but you can also check out the facts for yourself here:  Looking at the bottom of the page, you’ll see the calendar that will allow a person to view the leaderboard at any day of the month.  As you will notice, clicking on today (April 3rd, 2008) will take you to:

So you might be wondering just how a person can actually make it onto the leaderboard.  Well it takes plenty of time, skill, patience…..and a whole lot of leaderboard points.  The way people earn MTT Leaderboard points is by taking part in the Ladbrokes multi-table tournaments that occur daily.  The three factors that determine how many points you can earn in a tournament are:

1. Your finish in the tournament (top 10 required)
2. The buy-in for the tournament
3. The number of players who were in the tournament (minimum of 30)

 For example, placing first in a five dollar buy-in tourney with 30 people will net you 20 points whereas finishing 2nd in a fifty dollar buy-in with 300 people will earn you 180 points (done by formula).  This really rewards those who step their poker game up and choose to play in a bigger online arena.

Cash prizes are given for those who can sustain a top 60 ranking until the end of the month.  The following prizes await for anyone who makes it into this class on Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboard:

1st: $2000
2nd: $1,250
3rd: $900
4th: $600
5th: $400
6th – 10th: $250
11th – 20th: $175
20th – 30th: $100
30th – 40th: $50
40th – 50th: $25
50th – 60th: $10

In addition to the $10,000 in cash prizes handed out each month, the top 250 players on the MTT Leaderboard will get the opportunity to compete for $14,000 in prizes during a monthly Freeroll which takes place every Friday at 7:35 P.M. 

The only unfortunate thing about all of these great prizes that are offered is that United States residents cannot compete for them since they are ineligible to be customers of Ladbrokes (it is UK-based) due to the UIGEA act passed in 2006.  But anyone outside of the US can compete for all of these financial rewards and should definitely consider it if your skills are up to the task.