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We’re now nearing the middle of April and that means that we are also almost halfway through the battle for supremacy atop the Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboards. And it definitely is going to be a battle as someone new has taken the lead this week.

If you want to see what happened last week, as well as who won the month of March, check it out here. I’ll recap a bit of it anyways too.

The first week of April saw newcomer SRX1 getting off to a quick start with 374 points. But wildrick wasn’t far behind in gathering 366 points. Man, what a difference a week can make at Ladbrokes!

Wildrick was able to overtake SRX1 – and overtake is an understatement. Wildrick is now ahead of not only SRX1, but the whole field by a wide margin on the MTT Leaderboards. With 847 points, wildrick is 120 points ahead of the closest competitor, ROTT, who has 727 points. To see how these two are doing daily, go here. And here are the top ten people on the monthly leaderboard as of now:

1. wildrick – 847
2. ROTT – 727
3. stikitin – 696
4. SOXxxxxx- 545
5. paul-1 – 512
6. RiverShark19 – 505
7. FILCH – 473
8. hitmandan – 450
9. COCO 14 – 414
10. SRX1

As you can see, SRX1 has fallen down to 10th place but is still in the hunt for the monthly title. What’s interesting is that playmaker666, who is the annual leader on the Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboards, isn’t even in the top 10 right now.

Will playmaker666 mount a comeback or will wildrick run away with this month and close the gap? We’ll see next week.