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With less than two weeks to go in the race for the monthly Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboards title, there have been many surprises taking place.  The battle at the top has to be nerve-racking to the players as things have been going back and forth all month as they vie for the $2,000 top prize.

In the standings last week, we saw wildrick take over the top spot as SRX1 fell from first all the way down to 10th place.  However, wildrick wouldn’t hold this top spot for long.

That’s because ROTT, who was in second place to open the week surged into first place by scoring 206 points on Sunday.  And this is where ROTT would remain as wildrick tried to catch up.

But wildrick’s attempt would prove futile as ROTT not only stayed in the lead all week but increased it to 413 points.  See this here.  If you want to chart their progress throughout the month, check it out here

Here are the full top 10 standings of now:

1. ROTT – 1678
2. wildrick – 1255
3. stikitin – 866
4. RiverShark19 – 813
5. SOXxxxxx – 778
6. greatleslie – 716
7. wister – 661
8. paul-1 – 657
9. FILCH – 645
10. JellyHead30 – 570

While ROTT has been very consistent as of late, there have been other players who’ve been in the top 10 a lot more often in April.  Wildrick has been in the top 10 the most times with a count of 23 times.  Paul-1 is second with 19 times in the top 10 while FILCH is third with 18 times.

It will be intriguing to see if ROTT can keep this large lead over the final 10 days of the month or if wildrick and others can make a charge to overtake first.  We’ll see!