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Now into the final week for the Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboards race, players are going to have to make a move if they want to grab the $2,000 prize that comes along with claiming the monthly title.

Last week witnessed a player by the name of ROTT not only grab the lead at the beginning, but also increase it throughout the week over the closest competitor wildrick.

But would ROTT be able to hold onto this lead with wildrick, who’s been near the top of every monthly race, chasing all week?  The answer would be “yes” and once again, ROTT was able the increase the lead gained at the beginning of last week.

To start off the week, ROTT held a 413 point advantage over wildrick.  And it’s safe to say that ROTT wasn’t sweating anything out as the lead went from 413 to the current 600 point advantage now and this can be seen here.

If you want to see the battle for the whole week, and month, check this out.  Now let’s go on to the weekly top 10 where some flip-flopping did occur with stikitin falling from 3rd to 8th while SOXxxxxx stepped up to claim 3rd:

1. ROTT – 2214
2. wildrick – 1614 
3. SOXxxxxx – 1578 
4. RiverShark19 – 1215 
5. JellyHead30 – 957 
6. paul-1 – 949
7. FILCH – 879
8. stikitin – 864 
9. ACE-ATTACK – 838 
10. greatleslie – 791 

At this point, it really doesn’t look like anyone can catch ROTT with just over 4 days left in the month.  But there could be some further position bumping for the $1,250 given to second place with SOXxxxxx making a big push to overtake wildrick.

But we’ll have to wait and see if this and other things happen before April is over.