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The month of August saw the ladbrokes leaderboards dominated by wildrick as he was able to grab a big lead early and easily hold onto it throughout the month of July. By the end, his lead had been cut down some to 248 points, but it was well ahead of the second place player in SOXxxxxx for the $2,000 prize.

But SOXxxxxx was able to out-distance himself by quite a wide margin from the third place player, drewster33. SOXxxxxx was almost 300 points ahead of drewster33 and won $900 for getting second.

We’re now into a new battle for the leaderboards as August has kicked off and there are already fresh faces challenging players like wildrick and SOXxxxxx for first place. Two of those players are dayg031 and coope3.

Daygo31 is in third place with 196 points right now while coope3 is tied for first place with 200 points. However, the player who is sitting in first with coope3 is a familiar face, SOXxxxxx, who will once again be looking to capture first place as he did in June and May.

So far, wildrick is nowhere to be found near the top of the leaderboards, but there’s still a lot of the month left before things are settled. Here’s how the rest of the top 10 looks:

1. SOXxxxxx 200
1. coope3 200
3. daygo31 196
4. mcescher 179
5. lamujen1 167
6. MrMatski 160
7. martin1967 159
8. 1mark1 154
9. Shakey10 150
10. sads 131