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With just a couple of days left in the month, it appeared as if SOXxxxxx would be within striking range of repeating the position of monthly champion of the Ladbrokes Leaderboards. However, his lead was dwindling and wildrick, who was in second place, had been closing the gap over the last week. This meant that SOXxxxxx might have a little competition going towards the end of the month. In reality though, SOXxxxxx really didn’t have much competition as he was able to increase his 164 point lead to a comfortable 255 point margin and runaway with the victory.

The $2,000 first place prize was SOXxxxxx for the second month in a row and wildrick settled for the 2nd place prize of $1,250. JellyHead30 was a distant third from the two and received $900 for the effort. See the final results here.

As for the start of July, SOXxxxxx and wildrick have both made appearances at the top of the leaderboard so far but they have yet to stick there. So far, the top player has been cantona2243 who leads all players with 455 points. Trailing cantona2243 is a familiar face, SOXxxxxx. He has 416 points.

Here’s the rest of the top 10 so far:

1 cantona2243 455
2 SOXxxxxx 416
3 Dopeychick01 366
4 wildrick 310
5 WHU145 280
6 dylanist 231
7 drewster33 219
8 thechipmaker 212
9 lucky2611 206
10 Wizer1 205