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Last week marked the first time in a while that the May and June Ladbrokes Leaderboards monthly champion SOXxxxxx wasn’t in the lead.  That’s because cantona2243 was in charge after the first week in July.

The question many Ladbrokes players were wondering though is just how long cantona 2243 would stay in the lead.  The answer would be not long as SOXxxxxx wasted no time in relieving cantona2243 from the lead.

However, a twist would occur when SOXxxxxxx would quickly lose the lead to the champion from April in wildrick.  And ever since Thursday wildrick has been in the lead.   See this here.

Since the point where wildrick has taken over, he has been able to increase his lead over cantona2243.  wildrick is currently leading in the race for the monthly $2,000 prize by 145 points.  cantona2243 is still leading over SOXxxxxx for the second place prize of $1,250 by 104 points.

Here’s the top 10 as it stands now:

1. wildrick 813.00
2. cantona2243 668.00
3. SOXxxxxx 562.00
4. snowee 506.00 
5. TVHDK 492.00
6. mitchhh 486.00
7. 1111poker 453.00
8. Madison_dk 436.00 
9. drewster33 429.00 
10. mrpipespb 428.00