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It’s starting to appear as if SOXxxxxx’s two month reign as the Ladbrokes leaderboards champion will be over. That’s because wildrick, who is also a staple at the top of the leaderboards is well ahead of SOXxxxxx going into the final few days of July.

But that lead has dwindled a little since wildrick was ahead by 408 points last week. Now he is ahead by 386 points which is still a pretty comfortable margin with only five days to go.

Cantona2243, who led the leaderboards for a little while earlier in the month, is sitting in third place but will have to hold off GirlWonder who is just 16 points behind. See the action right here.

Here is the top 10 right now:

1 wildrick 1396
2 SOXxxxxx 1010
3 cantona2243 916
4 GirlWonder 904
5 mitchhh 862
6 Ken0007 834
7 drewster33 831
8 playmaker666 801
9 butch_dk 788
10 snowee 701

It looks like wildrick is definitely cruising towards victory and SOXxxxxx should stay in second but we’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out with places 3-10.