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Last month’s leaderboards race at Ladbrokes saw woodcracker8 bolt out to an early lead with 410.  But woodcracker8 wasn’t that far ahead of wildrick who is usually at the top of every leaderboard race. 

wildrick, who made a big run at the end of May to try and steal that monthly race from SOXxxxxx came up just short in his quest for the $2,000 prize.

Well wildrick certainly isn’t laying back this month as he grabbed the lead from woodcracker8 and hasn’t relinquished it yet with 772 points.  woodcracker8 has fallen down to 5th place with 530 points.

However, SOXxxxxx is hot on wildrick’s heels and wants that monthly prize for the second time in a row.  He is currently in second with 751 points.  See that here

Here are the rest of the top 10 standings as of now:

1 wildrick 772.00 
2 SOXxxxxx 751.00 
3 JellyHead30 654.00 
4 FILCH 537.00 
5 woodcracker8 530.00 
6 greatleslie 502.00 
7 dylanist 489.00 
8 cantona2243 477.00 
9 XjimeggX 445.00 
10 geezus 442.00