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Last month’s race for the Ladbrokes Leaderboards title was pretty much a runaway contest as SOXxxxxx took over early on and never let go of the lead.

Well the month of June has turned out to be a much tighter race as three different players have held the lead at one point or another.  And they are still jockeying for the top position.

As of late, wildrick and SOXxxxxx are locked in the battle for first place with the lead exchanging hands several times within the last few days. 

Right now, SOXxxxxx currently holds the lead with 1,328 points as he’s scored quite a few over this past week.  wildrick has fallen back a ways in second as he’s got 1,102 points.  See this here.

And wildrick will have to be careful because JellyHead30 is just behind him with 1,081 points in the battle for second place and the $1,250 prize that goes with it.

As for the rest of the players, here is how the standings look:

1. SOXxxxxx 1328.00
2. wildrick 1102.00 
3. JellyHead30 1081.00
4. playmaker666 877.00 
5. cantona2243 808.00
6. drewster33 788.00
7. FILCH 782.00
8. onecup 688.00
9. woodcracker8 685.00 
10. geezus 675.00

It will be interesting to see if SOXxxxxx can repeat as the monthly champion or it wildrick (or others) can make a run to take over the lead.