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In last week’s look at the Ladbrokes Leaderboard race, the champion from May in SOXxxxxx took the lead away from wildrick and increased it to a decent margin.  226 points to be exact.

But there was still plenty of time for wildrick to make a move on SOXxxxxx with a week and a half left in the month.  Would he be able to do it?

It depends on how one looks at it.  SOXxxxxx was able to keep his lead all week but wildrick has closed some ground on him to the tune of a 164 point deficit.  See this here

However, there are only three days left in the month and SOXxxxxx only lost 34 points off his lead in a whole week.  As long as he keeps playing decent, he should repeat as the monthly champion and get the $2,000.

But wildrick was successful in fending off JellyHead30 who was looking to make a run at the second place money of $1,250.  However, JellyHead30 is over 400 points behind now and appears destined for the 3rd place prize of $900.  See the month here.

Here’s how the top 10 stands heading into the final stretch:

1. SOXxxxxx 1860.00 
2. wildrick 1696.00 
3. JellyHead30 1265.00 
4. cantona2243 1161.00 
5. playmaker666 1083.00 
6. XjimeggX 992.00 
7. drewster33 954.00 
8. dylanist 856.00 
9. geezus 847.00 
10. FILCH 782.00