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For most of May, the Ladbrokes Leaderboards challenge was pretty much a runaway contest.  SOXxxxxx took the early lead and never let up the whole month and was ahead by over 600 points at one point.

But wildrick certainly didn’t want to concede the month to SOXxxxxx and made a big move at the end of the May to try and take the leaderboard crown. 

He was able to close the gap to around 200 points but it was pretty much a case of too little too late as SOXxxxxx was able to pull away with the win and the $2,000 that comes along with it.

Now it’s fitting that a new contest has begun since Ladbrokes has a very new look.  The site recently underwent some change and looks brand new.

And the new look has meant good things for woodcracker8 who has the early lead at this point in the monthly race.  woodcracker8 grabbed this lead from wildrick yesterday and has 410 points.

And wildrick, who seems to be in nearly every points race, trails by a mere 22 points.  Last month’s champion SOXxxxxx sits in third with 365 points.  See this here

With both wildrick and SOXxxxxx right at the top, the month of June looks to be another extremely competitive race.

Here are the top ten players as of now:

1. woodcracker8 410.00
2. wildrick 388.00 
3. SOXxxxxx 365.00 
4. JellyHead30 364.00 
5. jomartini 326.00 
6. vivajo 320.00 
7. Nidgep 308.00 
8. greatleslie 286.00 
9. ACE-ATTACK 277.00 
10. MITCHHH2 274.00