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It’s now past the middle of May and the battle for the Ladbrokes Leaderboards is really starting to shape up now.  And one player is definitely standing out from the rest!

In last week’s leaderboard recap, SOXxxxxx had held the lead for the entire 7 days.  But the question was, could SOXxxxxx keep the 404 point lead as the month wore on?

Well, SOXxxxxx not only kept this lead, but opened it up even more throughout this last week.  SOXxxxxx is now ahead of the closest competitor, xxghostiexx, by a comfortable 696 point margin.  See this here.   

xxghostiexx was able to surge into second place though and is very much alive for the $1,250 that is given to this position.  To track this move made by xxghostiexx, go here.

For the rest of the top 10, check this out:

1. SOXxxxxx – 1592 
2. xxghostiexx – 896 
3. FILCH – 813
4. Decision – 803
5. wildrick – 792
6. VISA2005 – 734
7. playmaker666 – 729
8. lindsay73 – 721
9. greatleslie – 720 
10. boomer797 – 699