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The Ladbrokes MTT Leaderboards have been experiencing a certain trend as of late.  And that trend is the domination of SOXxxxxx.  That’s because, so far this month, SOXxxxxx has not lost the lead since grabbing on May 4th.

But would things change as the month wore on?  Not quite as SOXxxxxx has been able to maintain a comfortable lead of the nearest competitor wildrick. 

wildrick won last month’s $2,000 prize for first place and has been hard-charging as of late this month.  wildrick was able to reduce the 696 point lead SOXxxxxx once held to only 579 points (see the move here).

But SOXxxxxx is still cruising and it will take a huge effort from wildrick to capture first place this month with only 7 days left.

Here is a look at the rest of the top 10:

1. SOXxxxxx 1761
2. wildrick 1192
3. xxghostiexx 1123 
4. playmaker666 1092
5. Decision 1003 
6. FILCH 989 
7. VISA2005 846
8. boomer797 749
9. MITCHHH2 748
10. greatleslie 737