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The Ladbrokes Leaderboards haven’t seen much change the last few weeks.  SOXxxxxx took control of things back on May 3rd and hasn’t even come close to relinquishing the lead. 

But the champion from April, wildrick did make a big move to take second place and also gained some ground on SOXxxxxx in the process.  See that move here.  Would this be enough to steal the lead before the last day of May and grab the $2,000? 

On May 23rd, SOXxxxxx held a 569 point lead over wildrick.  But today that lead was trimmed to 220 points.  However, it appears that SOXxxxxx has a large enough lead to hold wildrick off and will win the month of May by the end of today.

wildrick did make an impressive run though and should be able to hold xxghostiexx off for second place which brings a nice $1,250 prize.  Nothing is set in stone as of now though as the day is not over and next week, the official winners will be revealed on this blog.

Here is the rest of the top 10 as it stands:

1 SOXxxxxx 1989
2 wildrick 1769
3 xxghostiexx 1694
4 playmaker666 1391
5 FILCH 1199
6 Decision 1184
7 VISA2005 1035
8 boomer797 999
9 tegurn 858
10 drewster33 855

Tommorrow will bring a new battle for the Ladbrokes Leaderboards and it will be interesting to see if SOXxxxxx gets off to a strong start and if wildrick will be able to keep the momentum gained from the end of May.