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It’s now the beginning of a new month and that means a new battle has begun to see who will win the Ladbrokes monthly leaderboards title. Before we get into that though, let’s talk about who won it all last month.

ROTT had taken the lead away from wildrick around the middle of the month and had been increasing it ever since. And with just a few days to go, ROTT didn’t have much longer to hold out until earning the $2,000 prize.

Well ROTT was able to hold on but SOXxxxxx did manage to narrow the margin from the 600 point advantage it was at to the ending 295 point gap. SOXxxxxx was also able to overtake wildrick for second place and earn the $1,250 prize that goes to that position.

Wildrick took third and won $900 for the effort. To see all the action, go here. Here’s the top 10 as it finished out at the end of the month:

1. ROTT – 2252.00
2. SOXxxxxx – 1969.00
3. wildrick – 1851.00
4. RiverShark19 – 1291.00
5. greatleslie – 1171.00
6. JellyHead30 – 1135.00
7. FILCH – 1134.00
8. paul-1 – 994.00
9. Decision – 899.00
10. ACE-ATTACK – 892.00

Now that April is over, there’s a new chance for others to jump in the hunt for the monthly top prize. So far, lindsay73 has taken advantage of this chance in taking the lead with 364 points.

She is followed by last month’s second place finisher SOXxxxxx who has 310 points. Last month’s winner ROTT has gotten off to a slower start is sitting at fourth with 209. Check this out here.

Maybe ROTT will be able to make a comeback again like last month. Or maybe it will be someone else’s turn to capture the $2,000 prize. We’ll see as the month progresses.