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Ladbrokes Poker is approaching a milestone. That milestone is their one billionth hand, yes that’s nine zero’s after that one. To celebrate both this milestone as well as their large team of WSOP players the site will be holding a freeroll with an award totaling $300,000 in WSOP prizes!

After such a milestone here’s how the freeroll works. The top 20 finishers will have the opportunity to join Team Ladbrokes and receive a $14,000 Ladbrokes WSOP Package that will take them to the WSOP. On top of this there will be two hundred runners up receiving a second chance to join Team Ladbrokes at the WSOP by winning a $109 Ladbrokes Daily Final seat.

This is a pretty crazy event and opportunity, poker sites like this don’t always offer seats on their team so freely and it’s not that hard to take a crack at this. To do so you must earn 50 Player Points on the day the billionth hand is dealt over at Ladbrokes’ Poker. The tournament is 48 hours after the billionth hand takes place. Get on this fast because the first 6000 players to jump on this are the ones that get to participate.

At the same time Ladbrokes is offering a $1,000,000 main event bonus this year in the WSOP. This is in response to the issue of moving the main event back to November. It can’t hurt to get a cool million to tide you over before you take a crack at the pot in November!

Ladbrokes Poker MD Edward Ihre commented: “Should any of the 100+ European Players we are taking to Vegas this year make it to the Final Table, not only will they receive a guaranteed $250,000 sponsorship package which will include $100,000 of buy-ins in the 117 days, they will also receive the full support of Team Ladbrokes throughout the period, including coaching from the stable of Ladbrokes Sponsored Players, which includes Jon “Skalie” Kalmar, who finished 5th in the Main Event in 2007 collecting $1,250,000.”

Last but not least Ladbrokes is also offering a chance to be in their VIP Club. To be involved in this culb you need to earn 50,000 player points in both May and June. What a way to top off two already huge prizes!

So there you have it, three huge offerings from Ladbrokes and a lot of chances to do some serious damage at this year’s World Series of Poker. If you think you have what it takes then head on over to Ladbrokes and check it out!