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PokerStars introduced their $215 4-max No Limit Hold ‘Em WCOOP tournament last year to high acclaim. The 2009 tournament was even more popular with 3,864 entrants and a prize pool of $770,800. The first place finisher would win $111,457.69.

The final table players and chip counts stacked up as follows:

Seat 1 -pejcao with 2,765,239 chips.
Seat 2 – SebbyGI with 1,648,038
Seat 3 – lebordelaii with 8,310,283 chips
Seat 4 – Catafract80 with 6,546,440

SebbyGI immediately inquired about a chop, but with stacks ranging from his 66 big blinds to lebordelaii’s 332 big blinds (blinds were at 12K-25K with a 3,125 ante), nobody seemed interested.

The first casualty of the final table came as SebbyGI made a move at the chip leader, lebordelaii. Under-the-gun SebbyGI raised to 72,125. A reraise from lebordelaii on the button to 180,000 folded the blinds and induce SebbyGI to shove all his chips into the pot. lebordellai made the call with 9h9s and SebbyGI was in a lot of trouble with his Ah9c. The board read TdTs8c2h8s and SebbyGI took home a fourth-place finish along with $29,675.81.

Pecjao was next to be knocked out of the tournament with lebordellai dealing the final blow (again). An open to 75,000 from the button by pecjao was met by lebordellai’s three-bet in the small blind. The flop came out Ah8s7h and lebordellai led for 270,000. Pecjao raised it to 590,000 and lebordellai called. The turn card was a 6h which was checked by both players. The 9s on the river was the deathblow to pecjao. Lebordellai shoved all-in and pecjao called for the 2,538,919 chips he had behind. Pecjao turned over 7c5c for a nine-high straight but the idiot-end of the straight would lose to lebordellai’s jack-high straight (JhTs). Pecjao won $40,476.01 for his third-place finish.

Lebordelaii would wield his big stack to cut Catafract80’s stack little by little. In the final hand of the tournament, lebordellai opened to 70,000. Catafract80 shoved his 1,762,952 stack only to be met by a snapcall. Lebordellai showed QhQs while Catafract80 turned over Ad6c. Queens held up on the KhKc9d8hTh board and Catafract80 was knocked out of the tournament. He won $63,822.25 for his second-place finish.

Lebordelaii earned $111,457.69 and a WCOOP champion’s bracelet for his dominating performance.