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Howard Lederer has taken down event 9 at the Aussie Millions taking home over $1.2 AUD. Along with 24 others, Howard stumped up $100,000 to enter this event, so it’s not surprising that only the very highest rollers paid to play in this event which included Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Eric Seidel and last years Event 9 winner, Erick Lindgren.

The format for the event was unique, as it was Pot Limit preflop, and no limit from there on after. Lederer was at his calculated best, remaining patient, and picking the right spots to make moves as the play got short-handed.

At the start of the final table, Lindgren began as the chip leader where it looked like he could repeat last year’s success in the same event. However, it wasn’t to be and he didn’t even finish in the money, where only the top 5 were paid. In the end, Nickolaus Jedlicka came 5th for $100,000 AUD, Jeffrey Lisandro came 4th for $150,000 AUD, Michael Sampoerna came 3rd for $350,000 AUD and Mark Teltscher came 2nd taking home $650,000 AUD.