After an incredible 14 hours of play, LilPokerGirlie emerged victorious in Full Tilt’s FTOPS XIX Event #22. The long stretch of running time was due in large part to the structure, which featured deep-stack, multi-entry gameplay. Knockouts were available as well, each going for $20.

The story here, however, simply has to be the number of entrants. Thanks to an astonishing 23,342 buy-in’s, Full Tilt’s $1,000,000 guarantee was absolutely shattered. When the dust settled around the registration figures, the final pot stood at $2,334,200. Players paid $120 + $9 for each of their seats.

In total, the top 2,835 finishers received a piece of the pie, with the minimum prize set at $163.39.

Here’s how the final payouts lined up:

#1 – LilPokerGirlie ($279,428.09)
#2 – daCav04 ($290,000)
#3 – swish3113 ($157,558.50)
#4 – LeTruc ($110,874.50)
#5 – The Lab Rat ($78,195.70)
#6 – Haibomi ($57,187.90)
#7 – FrmRussiaWthLuv ($42,949.28)
#8 – s00tedj0kers89 ($31,511.70)
#9 – ElSkobar ($22,174.90)

As the astute observer will notice, the aforementioned winner, LilPokerGirlie, did not receive the largest sum on the list. That honor went to daCav04, who took the lion’s share as part of a post-deal payout.

Tops amongst the pros in Event #22 was David Pham, who came in 113th and took home $1,657.28. Next up were Dag Mikkelsen (195th – $1,237.13), Pass Lefrancois (342nd – $723.60 and 367th – ($536.87), and Vivek Rajkumar (568th – $420.16 and 1,506th – $233.42). Pham also finished with a 1,013th spot ($326.79). Mike Matusow also earned a bit of cash, with a 2,051st place berth worth $186.74.