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With the World Series of Poker cranking up the big names are flocking to Vegas in hopes of the big win and for some their first bracelet. This certainly includes Liv Boeree, a prominent female poker player in the United Kingdom. With her first bounce into Vegas she’s got a big gun backing her moves. That big gun is the well known Annie Duke. Many are anticipating what Liv might do in the World Series of Poker and we will all have a good idea soon enough.

“It’s a huge confidence boost knowing I have the world’s best poker teacher and player mentoring me,” stated Liv Boeree. “Since starting tuition with Annie in March my game has improved more than I thought possible.”

It’s always great to see an up and coming female player doing well so it’s certainly understood why a player of Annie Duke’s caliber would take up the cause and be a mentor to her.

Many may be familiar with Liv’s growing number Texas Hold’em wins in the United Kingdom including a first place finish in the Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship which netted her a hefty $30,000.

“Liv is a fantastic student to work with,” says Annie Duke. With statements like that it’s easy to see why Duke is backing Liv in her endeavors in the poker world. It’s clear that a player can use any support they can get, and when such a strong player takes the interest to mentor another there is certainly a good reason for doing so.

So keep your eyes peeled for more information about Liv Boeree in the World Series of Poker and any other tournament she may step into. It’s obvious that she has some talent so it’s almost a sure thing that she will be seen in the limelight in the not so distant future.