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Wheeeeeeeeeeee, just got back from Las Vegas.  Me and 3 buddies met up Wed and took off early Sunday morning after just a shit ton of drinking, clubbing, gambling, and drinking.  I didn’t play a single hand of poker but I played about 20 hours of Pai Gow, Roulette, BJ, Craps, etc… losing over $1k on that.  The real sick hit though was in credit card roulette.  We went to 3 sick restaurants and I lost ALL 3 FUCKING FLIPS 4 WAY.  Son of a bitch, $1400 in CC roulette losses, oh well, that’s ballin-ass shit if you ask me.  We went to a couple great clubs, including my favorite “Tao” at the Venetian last night where we had bottle service and VIP access to the entire club.  All in all a great trip but it’s certainly nice to be back home and relax, I think I only slept 10 hours over the 4 days.

 Can anyone spare $5?