With all the acumen of a lightning chess professional, Lov10kk fought their way to an impressive win in the latest event in the MiniFTOPS lineup.

Running at a breakneck speed, this 5,304 player tournament finished in an astonishing two hours of hard and fast play. Not terribly surprising, when considering that players started out with a scant 300 chips, which amounts to only ten big blinds.

Hosted by John D’Agostino, this $20 + $2 event featured just over $106,000 in cash. Thanks to their high enrollment total, the initial quoted figure of $75,000 was absolutely shattered. That’s a huge amount of money, which managed to distribute itself before most folks had finished their dinner.

Here’s how the final table wound up:

#1 – Lov10kk ($21,003.84)
#2 – dodoman321 ($12,888.72)
#3 – YaSashok86 ($9,330.80)
#4 – kgoule ($6,576.96)
#5 – PROTENTIAL ($4,773.60)
#6 – Anhtastic ($3,182.40)
#7 – B1oshock ($2,121.60)
#8 – Bart Deluxe ($1,285.12)
#9 – Pege88 ($1,060.80)

It should be noted, however, than an after deal payout did take place. The first place finisher took home $17,488.24, while second place grabbed the narrowly smaller sum of $16,404.32.

It was a rough couple hours for the pro’s in the field, who were led by the 458th place finish of Andrew Feldman ($35.01). JonoKaramalikis finished 502nd with the same take home pay, and was the only other pro to finish in the money. Next up was Raul Oliveira, who finished his run in 1,357th. Melanie Weisner finished 1,490th, while David Pham made it to 2,429th. Host John D’Agostino wrapped his session with a 2,506th place finish.