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Online gambling fans know that there is a lot of choice in online casinos on the internet today, but names like bet365 stand apart from the crowd as holding a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Any game you might consider playing from poker to slots to roulette, bet365 has you covered, and their latest promotion is sure to leave a smile on the faces of all you blackjack players out there. Throughout the course of October 20th, they’re offering cash prizes to anybody dealt 7-7-7 on their blackjack tables.

You don’t have to be a genius to cash in on this latest promotion, as it really couldn’t be any simpler. The first step is to Opt In to the offer, which you can do at any time from now on, via the bet365 software. Once you’re opted in, it’s simply a matter of playing blackjack on the 20th of October. 7-7-7 is the hand you’re shooting for, which is of course instant blackjack, but between 00:00 and 23:59 GMT on October 20th you’ve got even more reason to be excited about hitting those lucky sevens.

So why should you be getting excited, again? Well that’s as simple as the promotion itself! Hit 7-7-7 on the day in question and you’ll be rewarded with a cash prize of four times your stake. That means the higher you play the bigger you can win, but that you’re looking at a sizable payout no matter what your stake is. There are a couple of minor restrictions for those really lucky players among you, namely that $2,000 is the maximum prize for any single hand, and $4,000 is the maximum total prize money you can collect throughout the promotion. While an unlimited bonus would be nice, it’s pretty hard to find something to complain about if you’ve just managed to pick up an extra $4,000!

If you’re not familiar with the bet365 casino, you’re in for a treat. They have a great variety of blackjack games, and pretty much all pure blackjack games they have on offer are eligible for this promotion, with only the three exceptions as follows: Blackjack Switch, 21 Duel Blackjack and Lucky Blackjack. Rest assured you won’t be wanting for variety of blackjack games, and if you’re a UK resident and you hit triple sevens, not only do you receive the cash prize but you also go in the draw to win a case of champagne. International players need not fret, as while bet365 isn’t willing to ship the bubbles overseas, they’ll kindly gift you a cash alternative of $500 should you happen to win the lucky draw.

It won’t be news to loyal players at bet365 that this is just one of the many reasons for placing them among the best online casinos around today, but for those of you who haven’t yet checked out bet365, why not use this promotion as an excuse to do so? Their great software, variety of games and support are matched only by the fantastic welcome bonus you’ll receive when you sign up through our links. Download their software today and don’t forget to opt in to the lucky sevens promotion for your chance to walk away a big winner!