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March Madness has struck Fortune Poker and they are giving away €20,000 in cash and prizes this month!  First, there is the €10,000 March Madness Freeroll on March 28th.  Then, just because Fortune Poker wants to show just how much they appreciate their players, they are drawing names for 10 Nintendo Wiis, 10 Play Station Portables, 10 PS3s, and 10 Flip Mino Camcorders.

Everyone loves free money, and Fortune players are sure to be all over this March Madness Freeroll.  The freeroll takes place on Saturday, March 28th at 16:00 GMT.  All players will receive a starting stack of 1,000 chips.  Re-buys, for €5, are unlimited for the first hour.  Add-ons, 2000 chips for €5, will be allowed at the first one hour break.  No restrictions apply to play, only that you have an account at Fortune Poker.  A minimum of 120 players will land in the money, so don’t miss out!

Not only to people like free money, they also like winning prizes.  As the second part of Fortune Poker’s March Madness, they are having the €10,000 March Madness Gift Giveaway.  Here, 40 prizes will be raffled off to some lucky players.  To enter into the drawings, players must generate a specified amount of rake for the month of March.  €100 of generated rake will earn a ballot entry into the drawing for a PSP!  If a player generates €200 of rake, they will then be entered in the drawing for a PSP and a Flip Mino Camcorder.  €400 of rake for the month of March earns entry into the PSP, Flip Mino Camcorder, and Nintendo Wii drawing!  Generate €800 of rake, and be entered into all four drawings for a PSP, Flip Mino Camcorder, Nintendo Wii, and PS3!  Remember, 10 of each prize will be given away.

Don’t miss out on all the madness, this month, at Fortune Poker!  Don’t have an account?  Just click on any of the links in this article to get your account started.  It’s that simple!