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Event #24 of FTOPS XV was an extremely unique event. It was a $500 buy-in tourney with a twist: it was a Super Turbo. The 910 players that entered the event began with 300 chips and the blinds beginning at 15/30. In other words, the players only began with 30 big blinds! Without needing to be said, this event is among the shortest of all the FTOPS events. This season’s Super Turbo event only lasted two hours and forty-five minutes. One-hundred two players made it into the money.

The final table was seated as follows:
Seat 1 – Bttech86 (79,014)
Seat 2 – The FatFISH (33,419)
Seat 3 – The Fiend 34 (46,356)
Seat 4 – glowin20 (25,682)
Seat 5 – AZNNC (20,724)
Seat 6 – Mcmatto (67,805)

As the final table began, blinds were up to 1,200/2,400 with an ante of 300. The largest stack has 33 big blinds which foreshadowed a short final table to follow. A large hand brewed as TheFatFISH’s AcKd saw a AhTh5h flop. Unfortunately, the same flop gave The Fiend 34 a set with his TdTc. TheFatFISH was drawing thin. The 8d turn or Qh river did not help TheFatFISH and he finished in sixth place.

The very next hand, The Fiend 34 scored another knockout. He knocked out glowin20’s As9d with his KdQd and was the first played to cross the 100,000 chips mark. Bttech86 took a beating for most of his chips when he shoved the button with Ad2d and AZNNC called with AcKh. Bttech86 was in bad shape with only 4,000 more chips. He hit the rail two hands later when he was knocked out by Mcmatto.

The table proceeded peacefully until the following hand changed that. AZNNC’s QdQh was up against The Fiend 34’s AdKh. Unfortunately for The Fiend 34, the JhJd7d7s2h board failed to pair any of his hole cards. AZNNC won the 178,000 chip pot and left The Fiend 34 ailing with 17,000 chips. Soon after, The Fiend 34’s Ac2h lost to Mcmatto’s Qd9c and he was knocked out of the tournament.

Heads-up play started with the two players agreeing to a chop that would secure $80,000 for each of them. Heads-up play did not last long (as was expected). In the final hand of the tournament, Mcmatto went all-in from the button with QsTs. AZNNC called with Ad6c and the lead. Lady Luck was not on AZNNC’s side however as the Th8s4c gave Mcmatto the lead. The 9c on the turn gave AZNNC some hope with a gutshot straight draw, but the river was a 5d. Mcmatto took home the pot, $80,842.50, and the Golden Jersey for his win in FTOPS XV Event #24.