Just after a quarter-past midnight on May 1, 2010, play completed for the 22nd time in the FTOPS XVI contest. With a first place position worth $86,716.56 on the line, two competitors fought to the finish.

In the end, it was Mement_mori coming out on top of Dimasik59, wrapping play in Event #22. The victory took just over nine hours, with 2,181 players in the field. Once it came down to heads up play, Mement_mori immediately took command. Dimasik59 folded hand after hand without seeing a flop, sometimes going as many as ten consecutive folds before seeing a board. Once all of the tentative player’s chips were finally in the pot with two pair (10’s and 9’s), Mement-mori turned over pocket kings to win with a better two pair (Kings and 9’s).

The final table of this 6-Max, $200+$16 tournament shook out like this:

1: Mement_mori ($86,716.56)

2: Dimasik59 ($55,179.30)

3: Intervention ($38,603.70)

4: cerilloin ($29,007.30)

5: Past ($20,719.500)

6: Mariklus ($13,958.40)

Red Full Tilt player John Turner just barely missed the final cut, coming in in 7th place and taking home $8,767.62. The next highest Red finished was Leandro Brasa, who failed to make the money with a 259th place elimination.

All told, the top 234 places were paid, with the lowest prize weighing in at $348.96.