Wherever he goes for the rest of his life, Men Nguyen will carry the stigma of a supposed cheater. But if there’s anything that can distract him from the pain, it’s a World Series of Poker bracelet. Well, Men got his Bandaid this year, capturing his seventh career win in the 2010 $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship.

The victory came over professional player Brandon Adams, whose time at the final table looked to be less than enjoyable. This was due in large part to the company he was in, as Men Nguyen did all he could to throw his opponent off his game. Throughout their time at the felt, the elder player insisted on referring to Adams as “Brian”, despite numerous attempts at correction.

The final hand came down to a blind all in, on the suggestion of Nguyen, who held a firm chip advantage. Despite starting out with 9s6dTs against Adams’ superior As3dQh, the crafty veteran remained unphased. After all the cards were dealt, the short stack appeared to be ahead with a pair of Queens. Placing his last down card in the center of the table, Men flipped it over to reveal a pair of Kings.

Nguyen, who has fallen out of favor in poker circles, had outlasted a field of 150 players in this $10,000 event. Known widely for his abrasive manner, alcohol consumption, and smoking at the poker tables, Men’s win was perhaps a step backward for the public image of the game. This is especially true when you consider the fact that several pro’s have spoken out against “The Master” with allegations of cheating commonly claimed.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I like my drinks as much as anyone, and I’ve fond of the occasional expensive cigar. But cheating is something that cannot be tolerated in an organized event such as the WSOP.

So, despite his antics (both supposed and confirmed), Nguyen captured his seventh bracelet, and a $394,800 prize.