Poker seems to be growing by the second and many novices are hitting the felt alongside seasoned professionals to try and make their mark.  We have all heard the term “beginners luck” and although short term poker success is possible without formal training, true poker players know that a lot of hands coupled with good coaching is a recipe for success.

Michael Binger and Roy Winston are no strangers to the final tables.  Between them they have more than 7.9 million dollars in tournament winnings and are very well respected players.  According to CardPlayer Magazine, the pair announced today that they will be bringing their poker talents to the general public with a poker coaching and training company.  The company is called Oracle Poker Consulting after Winston’s nickname, “The Oracle”, and will focus on poker player education through workshops and private training sessions.  According to AllIn Magazine their services will range from fundamentals for a beginning player, to helping an advanced player grab that elusive one more percent of an edge, to helping online players make the transition to live games.

In reference to the new company Winston said, “In almost every other sport or activity, be it team or individual, coaching is a large part of the performance improvement process.  Whether we are working with a beginner or taking an already skilled player, working on improving their game is our mission.  Today’s poker player has come a long way from the days of underground card rooms where the hustlers prayed on the inexperienced.  Beyond the fundamentals, just one of the advanced concepts they teach is the ability to put your opponent on a narrow range of hands so you can beat them with a wide range of hands.”  And Binger added, “Through refinement of a player’s own game and the ability to find weaknesses in an opponent’s game Roy and I will offer significant game improvement.  The process is multi-faceted and will include computer based hand simulation and analysis, video teaching and preparation for individual opponents.  Reviewing videos of students play will allow substantial clean up of their own physical game as well, making reading them difficult even for accomplished players.”

Winston and Binger also write a feature in CardPlayer called “Oracle’s Corner”.  According to the magazine Oracle Poker Consulting will begin services immediately after this years World Series of Poker.