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Michelle Orpe, a player sponsored by Purple-Lounge has cashed in her second sponsored event. How’s that for being a new person to be sponsored by a company? Purple-Lounge decided to sponsor her after seeing her skills at the poker table and it seems as though this has paid off for them. This is certainly a step for female poker players and I am happy to see another player doing so well.

By cashing in one of the most prestigious women only tournaments, Michelle Orpe has made a name for herself in the poker world. She’s been playing for a long time but this is the first time she’s gotten noticed on the poker front

She’s quoted as saying:

“At the end of the first day I was seriously short stacked and figured I didn’t want to return to the 2nd day with nothing so I starting to push all in constantly with 20 minutes of play left, do or die I say. Then there was a pause and they finished a few minutes early, I was gutted because I wanted to do my all in plan. BUT the good news was that I had made the cash.”

Michelle looks to be an upcoming star and hopes to do well in the upcoming World Poker Showdown. She also will be playing in the World Series of Poker in July. This is pretty exciting for the female poker world where women unfortunately are overshadowed occasionally by their male counterparts. This really shows what the women of the poker world are capable of, and that isn’t anything to scoff at!

Personally I hope the women of the poker world continue to shine and do well in the various leagues and tournaments. They have to overcome a lot of stigma to do well and when they manage to do so it’s very exciting. Also, everyone loves a good looking women playing poker and I’m not one to argue with that fact!