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As a result of the recent legal issues in Kentucky, one major poker network may be pulling out of the United States market entirely.  The Microgaming Network, which includes such sites as Crazy Poker, Eurolinx, Pokertime, Royal Vegas Poker, and Doyles Room, has already placed an IP block on customers from 13 states.  Those states are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Utah.  They have also announced that they will no longer accept new customers from the US.  Some of Microgaming’s affiliates are going even further, by blocking users from neighboring states until they can prove their residency.  However, at this time current customers are not seeing any changes and will be allowed to play as normal (unless you are from one of the blocked states).

Meanwhile, the final regulations for the UIGEA are now in the hands of the Office of Management and Budget.  Some lawmakers are trying to push the regulations to quickly get passed during the final days of the Bush administration.  However, the Poker Players Alliance is currently attempting to delay the regulation.  They believe that it should wait for President-elect Obama to get into office so that there can be a complete review of the regulation and its implications.  The PPA also argues that it would put even more of a burden on an already struggling financial industry by forcing them to attempt to determine whether or not a transaction is legal under the law.