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In their continuing quest to bring a brick-and-mortar casino feel into players’ homes, Microgaming has introduced a live-dealer version of multi-player roulette.

This new simulation is exactly what it claims to be — a system which allows internet players to share a table with a live dealer, placing their bets as they would around a real roulette wheel. Thanks to Microgaming’s Table Action feature, users will also be able to see exactly where their fellow gamers are placing their bets.

The company has released a statement on their latest release, part of which follows here:

“Multi-Player Roulette is a really exciting new product and a great addition to the Live Dealer portfolio… Microgaming has always been at the forefront of gaming innovation and we are constantly working with our operators to ensure that our games are inventive and entertaining. We always listen to feedback from operators and have tried to recreate the buzz of a land-based casino where players can watch the moves made by other players and share that winning feeling.”

David Brickman of Jackpot Factory Group was quick to point out multi-player roulette’s place in the heirarchy of online gambling.

“The new game is a great addition to Microgaming’s Live Dealer package… Multi-Player Baccarat has proved hugely popular with our players who enjoy the real feel of the casino experience and we’re confident Multi-Player Roulette will prove equally popular.”

With the use of “casino-grade” technology, the company is confident that they’ve produced the most true to life experience in the virtual world. One wonders how long it will take for the live dealer phenomenon to spread to other areas of the internet gaming business, including online poker.