It’s one of the biggest events in the online poker world, with prizes so rich that it takes a full two days to dole them out. It’s the annual Spring Championship of Online Poker’s Main Event, and it’s made more than one player rich beyond their imagining.

With a total prize pool of just under $11.75 million, a crowd of 23,478 combined showed up to participate in the three levels of the biggest game of the spring. The two day event featured plenty of the game’s biggest faces, and included all of the great play you’ve come to expect from the folks at PokerStars. Here’s how the final tables wound up:

SCOOP Main Event – Low ($109, $1M Guaranteed)

As expected, more than half of the event’s total traffic came in the low running, with 19,188 players ponying up their $109 buy-in. The game nearly doubled its guarantee, reaching an astonishing $1,918,800. the top 3,150 places were paid, with a minimum reward of $134.31. Here’s how the final table went:

1: midjat ($191,892.59)

2: Quitti33 ($142,586.02)

3: B18GsrR ($95,940)

4: Grodindono ($76,752)

5: aakkari – Team PokerStars Player ($57,564)

6: pmahoney22 ($38,376)

7: MikeTBH ($26,959.14)

8: iFROST ($17,962.20)

9: Elpinto54 ($11,512.80)

The next highest Team PokerStars player was VARICO, who finished in 245th place and earned $825.08.

SCOOP Main Event – Mid ($1,050, $3M Guaranteed)

A grand total of 3,675 players turned out for the mid-level SCOOP spot, each paying $1,050 to take their spot. With $3,675,000 on the line, players took their time in this event which took more more than 29 hours to wrap up. The top 459 places were paid, with the low end weighing in at $1,690.50. It appears as though a deal was made at the end of the final table, as the prize money will suggest. Here’s what the final table looked like:

1: Mr.M.M0ney ($443,137.50)

2: cooperz0311 ($448,500)

3: Athanosios 9 ($418,500)

4: 888_OCTV ($211,312.50)

5: NOREFUNDS42 ($156,187.50)

6: rage4order ($119,437.50)

7: hook2120 ($82,687.50)

8: cashclctor ($45,937.50)

9: KJulius10 ($29,400)

SCOOP Main Event – High ($10,300, $5M Guaranteed)

This was the big one – the heaviest hitter of them all. For an astounding $10,300 buy-in, players could belly up to their computers for a shot at a $5M guaranteed prize pool. And, most excitingly of all, the 615 entrants managed to beat the guarantee, cranking the total money up to $6.15 million. The lowest prize paid was 72nd, which took home $20,295). They action went down like this:

1: toetagU ($1,162,350)

2: Sumpas ($851,775)

3: BradL ($627,300)

4: DuckU ($472,550)

5: cpfactor ($332,100)

6: BongBob ($261,375)

7: siola (199,875)

8: ipmetalman ($138,375)

9: delaney_kid ($94,095)