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Matusow To Deeb: “I’ll Punch You In The F***ing Mouth”

Say what you want about The Mouth, but it’s never alright to slowroll your opponent. As funny as it is to see the occasional Matusow Meltdown, you have to feel for the guy this time.

During a recent $25/$50 NL Hold’em cash game on “Poker Night in America”, Mike Matusow and fellow pro Shaun Deeb clashed in a pot. Both began the hand with pocket pairs – Jacks for Mautsow and Fives for Deeb. After the flop gave Deeb quads, the result of the hand was never in doubt. When Matusow shoved all-in on the turn, Deeb incredibly asked for a chip count and took his time before calling. When he flipped over his hand, the table burst out laughing, but Matusow was incensed.

Matusow would go on to say that he has never slowrolled anyone in his life and that, above all else, slowrolls are “the only thing in life I don’t deal with.” He told Deeb that he would “punch you in the f***ing mouth” if he did it again.

Check out the video below and judge for yourself. The hand begins at 3:30.


It’s true that slowrolling is one of the most disrespectful moves you can do in poker and is against all etiquette rules. That being said, the Poker Night in America program tries to have a very friendly, home game type atmosphere. So in my opinion, due to the nature of the broadcast, Mikey should have been a better sport and took it in stride, laughing with everyone else. That being said, it’s much easier saying that from my position since I didn’t lose a $10,000 pot while being slowrolled.

Shaun Deeb also weighed in on 2p2, saying:

just to chime in yah I’ve done a lot of slowrolls in my day a few times for a lot more equity than this pot. Timing was really poor he just did lose that 30k+ pot the hand before.

But as anyone can see its a fun homegame **** talking was encourage we were there to have a good time and slowrolling was at the time a good decision.

But, Mike and myself are very close friends have logged many hours and we had discussed years prior his hate of slowrolls I had forgotten that in the moment and regretted it since I feared it would hurt our friendship.

Anyone who thinks mikey was acting doesn’t know him but as you can see the rest of the table thought it was hilarious and that’s the type of table it was. We all had a blast during the trip and I hope to go to more pokernight events

So, bad timing, poor choice… but I am happy this video exists!