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Mike Sowers

Mike Sowers

Ever dream about making a final table with over 2,400 entrants? How about winning the whole thing and taking home first prize? Most poker players have. But what about making the final table…twice…in one tournament? That’s impossible, until now.

Mike “SowersUNCC” Sowers took home the first place prize as well as ninth in the $1k Monday on FullTilt Poker for $490,000 and roughly $29,000 respectively. At FullTilt some tournaments allow for multi-entries and Sowers took full advantage of it. In multi-entry tournaments at FullTilt, created in the beginning of 2011, players are allowed to sign up multiple times to a tournament. If a player makes it to the final table with more than one entry, then the entries will be merged together to one stack while the other entries are automatically eliminated in ninth (eighth, seventh, etc. for more than two entries) place.

This is exactly what happened to Sowers as two of his six total entries outlasted thousands of players to reach the final table. Once there, his entries were merged together giving himself an automatic ninth place finish as well as a shot at more.

Mike Sowers increased his career tournament earnings to $4.6 million as his Ad6d sucked out against second place finisher KagM7F7’s AsJh. This is what the final table standings looked like based on the wild outcome:

1. Mike “SowersUNCC” Sowers — $490,296
2. KagM7F7 — $317,328
3. MoormanI — $235,592
4. Kadabra — $177,896
5. YrrsiN — $125,008
6. Bttech86 — $81,736
7. Big Huni — $55,292
8. Mement_mori — $38,464
9. Mike “SowersUNCC” Sowers* — $28,848

*Denotes a deleted entry