Minnesota Fats

Everyone knows the legendary Minnesota Fats, pool player extraordinaire… yet have you experienced Missouri Fats?

 I am hoping that my experience as him is quick to dissipate, quick to end, and in general gets the hell out of dodge.  I think this is likely a development stage many poker players go through.  I am stuck right in the middle of it now.

What is it?  Well, the fats part might not apply any longer, but the Missouri part does.  Of course, sitting on your ass playing poker all night doesn’t help the fat part of it… but I’m not Jenny Craig.  The Missouri part of it comes from Missouri being the ‘show me’ state. 

What do I mean?  Well, there is no way you hit that straight after checking through… ‘Show me’.

You checked through your trips to the river then bet it all?  ‘Show me.’

Caught a card on the river that beats my 10s that have been checked through?  ‘Show me’

What does this mean to the poker player… big losses.  So my dear readers, the moral for this week is… if they checked it through then bet it all, likely they hit it.  Especially if you have a read on the player that they know a little about poker.  So back off, stop that snap call for all in and think about it, did they possibly hit something to beat you?