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The European Poker Tour Season 5 Deauville came to a close today as 28-year-old Moritz Kranich of Germany walked away with the €851,400 first place prize.  Kranich beat out a field of 644 other players, also looking for their slice of the €3,096,000 prize pool.  It was also a special treat for PokerStars.  Kranich qualified for the EPT Deauville seat at PokerStars.

Eight players comprised the final table.  Tristan Clemencon initially lead the pack as chipleader and was considered by many as a favorite to win.  However, he would be out-lucked and out-skilled when the play became three-handed.  The other players were Jonathan Azoulay, Andrea Benelli, Thomas Delattre, Arnaud Esquevin, Bruno Launais, and Jorn Walthaus.

First to go was Thomas Delattre when his A-T failed to hold up against Bruno Launais’s A-K.  Launais couldn’t hold onto the victory long enough though as he was next to hit the rail.  Moving all-in pre-flop, A-7 wasn’t enough to beat Arnaud Esquevin’s A-K when a king fell on the flop.  Next out was Jorn Walthous in sixth.  In another battle of aces, Walthous’s all-in push with A-2 couldn’t match Clemencon’s A-K.  Next to tango was Jonathan Azoulay and Andrea Benelli.  It was looking good for Azoulay when he hit a pair of jacks with the first card on the flop, but the flop finished out with an ace, giving Benelli two aces.  Azoulay was sent home in fifth place.  Benelli was next to say good-bye when he tried to recover a diminishing chipstack in a hand with Esquevin and Clemencon.

Play then became three-handed and the anticipated winner-to-be, Clemencon, took a serious blow.  With T-T-8-2 on the board, Clemencon debated whether or not to call Kranich’s all-in move.  Clemencon called and Kranich revealed J-T, absolutely devestating Clemoncon’s chipstack.  The next hand, Clemencon pushed all-in, only to be outdone by Kranich’s two pair.

At last, the last hand of the night came down Kranich’s A-7 versus  Esquevin’s A-3.  The board fell T-9-6-5-A and Esquevin left with a second place finish while Kranich, the only PokerStars qualifier at the final table, claimed the  €851,400 prize and EPT Deauville title.

Here is the final payout of EPT 5 Deauville final table:

1. Moritz Kranich (Germany) €851,400
2. Arnaud Esquevin (France) €495,400
3. Tristan Clemencon (France) €284,800
4. Andrea Benelli (Italy) €219,800
5. Jonathan Azoulay (France) €182,700
6. Jorn Walthaus (Netherlands) €142,400
7. Bruno Launais (France) €108,300
8. Thomas Delattre (France) €77,400