In as much time as it takes most of us to complete a single shift at a day job, Mr Perfekt managed to rake in an astonishing $138,696.50 in the ninth event of the 18th FTOPS running. After punching in for this Rush No Limit Hold’em matchup, the winner took down the lion’s share of the guarantee-beating $645,100 prize pool.

All told, 1,673 players ponied up the necessary $100 + $9. With no cap set on rebuys until the tenth blind level, the reload counter ticked just short of four grand before cutting off at 3,970. Players were allowed one add-on apiece, with an extra $100 buying an additional 3,000 chips. 808 participants took advantage of this tempting option.

Each of the top 162 finishers earned a return on their investments, with the minimum payout weighing in at $774.12. Here’s how the final table shook out:

#1 – Mr Perfekt ($138,696.50)
#2 – Sonelin ($87,733.60)
#3 – unspass ($65,155.10)
#4 – nanQ ($51,608.00)
#5 – crazyjjim ($38,706.00)
#6 – PoutsoKefalos ($27,739.30)
#7 – jakob1337 ($18,062.80)
#8 – zelik ($12,902.00)
#9 – headrushn ($9,031.40)

Norway’s Trond Eidsvig was the best finisher among the Full Tilt pros, with a 61st place worth $1,193.44. The mid-80’s proved to be a professional graveyard, with Marco Liesy (84th), Martin Kabrhel (86th) and Mario Adinolfi (87th) each earning $967.65. Lee Watkinson just barely sneaked into the money, bowing out in 157th place.

Several other big names participated in Event 9, including Andrew Black (248th), Mihai Manole (388th), Barny Boatman (389th), Vitaly Lunkin (486th), Scott Fischman (618th), Cyndy Violette (762nd), and Andrew Feldman (833rd). The host, Christian Klecz, finished in 956th place.