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World Poker Tour Enterprises, owner of the World Poker Tour, have teamed up with the online social network MySpace to offer the first poker community for the members of MySpace where they can meet to play in free games, learn tips, and see behind-the-scenes videos.  It is known as ClubWPT on MySpace.  As both poker and Internet networking grow in size and popularity, this is a smart move for both companies.

As part of the MySpace WPT community, members have unique opportunities.  Here, they have a chance to interact with poker professionals and watch the interactions of poker pros on the message wall.  Poker pros’ profiles are also featured on the site so fans and enthusiasts can learn more about their favorite player.  The latest news and poker videos help members to keep up with what is going on in the poker community.  So far, ClubWPT only has 45 friends, but with the recent announcement of WPT’s and MySpace’s partnership that number is soon to grow.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that the MySpace community is home to the Official Online Game of the World Poker Tour.  Here, members can get together and play each other in free online poker games.  This is a good way for friends on MySpace to get together and put their poker boasts and skills to the test against each other.

Members are also offered membership to for just $19.95 per month.  Upon joining, ClubWPT members are eligible to compete for more than $100,000 in cash and prizes each month, win seats to WPT and WSOP tournaments, and other exclusive features. also does not use buy-ins or deposits.