Senators in the State of New Jersey have met several times this past week, with their discussion being dominated by the potential legalization of online gaming within their borders.

Reportedly, a bill has been assembled which would allow New Jersey residents to enjoy all of their favorite table games from the comfort of their own armchairs. While their brick and mortar cousins will never be completely phased out, it seems as though a high number of casual players could benefit from the availability of casinos in the digital domain. Gaming aficionados with a more limited budget would be able to spend a greater deal of their free cash at the tables, without the need to pay for gas, transportation, and other expenses arising from the necessary road trip.

At the forefront of the legalization battle is New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak, who has put together a plan capable of benefiting the players, the organizers, and the government as well. Under his proposed specifications, New Jersey casinos would be allowed to design and launch digital versions of their venerable tables, drawing an increased profit for both themselves and, indirectly, the state government. Because the gaming giants are required to pay taxes on their profits, New Jersey’s legislature would see an incredible upswing in funding from this increase in accessibility and convenience.

Early reports indicate that the government’s cut could be as much as 20%. This could result in an infusion of $50 million into the state’s wobbly economy.

This would, in the minds of some, also act as a boon to the currently flagging status of the state’s gambling establishments. Due to expansions in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey’s gambling populace has been knocked against the ropes as of late. A push into the digital domain would certainly help swing the pendulum back in the Garden State’s direction.