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Skalie’s Diary …- By Jon “Skalie” Kalmar (UK Sponsored Pro)

Day 14 – Tuesday 16th of June

Today is the $1500 no limit and I’m sure my luck will turn. Things started badly and I was down to 2500 from 4500 by level 2. Peter Gould had joined the table. He was still in the 10k FL event and decided to play just to kill an hour or so before play started.

He was playing like a maniac and scaring people off hands, handing out several beats. (Cracking AA with K3 springs to mind).

With the blinds at 50/100 there is a raise to 250 that is called by 4 players. I look down and see pocket 10’s and push all in. I get 1 call from pocket 8’s and when the board comes 5 4 2 5 k I double up. Soon after, I see AK of diamonds and raise to 300. The short-stack calling station calls and Peter Gould moves all in. I call as does the station. I am up against A5 from the station and A7 of Peter. The flop is A58 with 2 diamonds. “Gimme a diamond to finish it” I ask and the 10 of diamonds appears and I scoop the lot. I am now sitting tidy with around 14k.

Peter is on the big blind next and I know he will push his last 2k in regardless. I raise with KJ and everyone folds to him and he pushes in blind. I call and was not thrilled to see him flip pocket aces (What are the odds?). They hold up and again he pushes all in blind next hand and got no help with his 89 of spades against the AJ of his opponent.

Still with 12k I’m in great shape. I peel off a flop with 9 10 and am I up against the 2 blinds. The flop is Js 4c 6d rainbow. We all check. The turn comes a Q of spades and the small blind bets out 300 and we both call. The river is the K of clubs and I now hold the second nuts. It is checked to me and I bet 900. I get re-raised from the small blind to 2700. Now this guy was aggressive and the only hand beating me was A 10, a hand he would surely have raised with pre-flop. I cannot possibly be this unlucky again. I decide he may have made 2 pair on the river. The very most is the same hand as me 10 9. I push all in and he calls with his A 10 for the nuts. FFS.

The very next hand I get 88 and limp ready to push to a raise. None came instead the board came A Q Q. I had to fold to a bet on the turn even though it only came a 2.

The very next hand after that I get QQ and again I limp looking for action. The guy to my immediate left raises to 525. Everyone folds and I push for another 2.5k. He calls and his AJ wins after flopping the ace.

I am really ready to scream. If anyone tells me to stay positive I may swing for them.

One thing I have learnt today is never ever, EVER think your luck is ready to turn, you could be very disappointed.

Jeff Kimber, Ross Boatman and John Duthie are currently playing their Finals at the Rio. I would normally hang around to watch but I just couldn’t get out of the place quick enough. I may go back later but due to the fact I am on antibiotics I couldn’t celebrate with a drink even if I wanted too. I do however wish them all the very best of luck and hope 2 more golds come back to Blighty with them.

Set Watch

Obviously another day without flopping a set

JJ – I raise and lose to AJ on an Ace 9 9 Q 2 board
44 – QK7Q7 I pass on the flop
TT – I double up but still no set
88 – As above AQQ2 I fold to a bet on the turn
QQ – Final hand against the mighty AJ. Sigh!

Day 15 – Wednesday 17th of June

I played cash today and I have never seen so many sets. Unfortunately not one of them was in front of me. This run is really starting to take it’s toll and if it doesn’t end soon I fear for my sanity.

It is extremely difficult to motivate yourself to write something when you have only bad things to write about. Strummer is running no better and he has changed his flight to depart a day early, and god knows I feel like joining him. I haven’t won a bean since he arrived and I’ll be glad to see the back of the jinxing %*^*d :o). I made him promise to take all the bad luck back with him – all of it. He is playing some online sats this weekend for the main event I hope to see him back if truth be known, just don’t tell him.

In the 5/10 today I was $2k down in the first hour. Cooler after cooler, outdraw after outdraw. After getting my pocket aces cracked on the turn in a heads up pot by pocket queens I nearly lost it. I got up for a walk and I have to confess I broke one of my rules for the trip and played some craps. Losing $1000 never felt so good.

Bad, I know, but trust me if I had hung around the cash table I would have lost more.

I returned fired up ready to smash the table and after a few moves I pulled $1k back, however it wasn’t to last and I soon ran top 2 pair into top set. I decided enough was enough and decided to quit $3200 down (admittedly $1000 was at craps).

Tomorrow is another day..

Set Watch
I would love to list the sets I have run into but I would be typing so much I’d have no more time to play.
22 – 4673K board
99 – A J 6 10 I raise have to pass on turn after betting flop
77 – K J 10 I call raise and pass on flop
55 – 4 J 9 same thing
77 – 9 10 J J A I had folded on flop
TT – 3 4 7 A K Reraised flop had to check it down but it did hold up, crikey!
AA – 2 8 10 Q 5 Lose a fortune to pocket queens, induces and tilty crap session
TT – J Q 7 4 Have to fold to bet on turn, he showed me pocket jacks (must be nice)
99 – 2 3 4 T K Bet flop and have to check it down, he had K5 obviously
55 – 3 7 2 3 6 folded to raise on flop. Some one had pocket 7’s, obviously

Day 16 – Thursday 18th of June

I was intending to play the $2000 NL event today at the Rio but due to recent form I decided to un-register and take a couple of days off and play the $1500 this Saturday.

Hopefully this will give me the break I need for the event.

Strummer left today (the bok) and tomorrow I check out of the Palazzo and move to the Vegas house with Nick Gibson (gwibbo) and JP Kelly. The Vegas house is where I stopped for the 2007 WSOP and the 2008 Five Stars events. I ran well both times so here is hoping it’s a lucky omen for me.

Basically, I spent the day dosing around the room watching movies. I saw Watchmen again, one of my favourite films. Hopefully a winning story will be coming soon.

Most of the comments and feedback I get on this blog are positive, and I appreciate that and it is often uplifting. One guy was complaining about my whining and to be honest he’s right, however I will only post the truth of what is happening while here, if I’m not winning –  I can hardly pretend I am, can I?

Some people read the blog and I dare say find the fact someone else is not  running well as reassurance that anyone can have a tough time playing the game. You can be as good as anyone at this game but it is no guarantee for success. I know I am not the only person running bad, I could make a long list here of fellow players struggling and that will always be the case. I expect Saturday to be the turn I have been waiting for.

Just been watching Durrr play on full tilt. The kid is an immense talent but obscenely sick. Along with playing 4 tables against Patrick Antonius in the Durrr challenge for mind blowing stakes he also played Phil Ivey heads up on a further 2 tables for even more. I think he dropped around half a mill to Ivey but is crushing Patrick when I last looked. In addition to this it is reported that Ivey has made over 5 Mill in prop bets for his recent bracelet wins. Must be tough!

Day 17 – Friday 19th of June

I moved into a Vegas house with Nick Gibson and JP Kelly. It is situated about 5 miles west of the strip and it’s a breath of fresh air to leave the noise of Vegas behind and still have it so close. Every time I stop here I question why I don’t rent a house for my Vegas trips instead of surrounding myself with the temptations than distract you from the poker. Maybe I should get more organised in future.

Almost on arrival Nick challenged me to game of pool. “Nine ball only played in this house” he said. Now I am no complete mug at pool but I know Nick is better. Coupled with the fact it’s a version of the game I am not used too, it was also his table and cures. He had quite an advantage. I negotiated a four frame start in a first to 10 match and we played for 100 bucks. Now as I said, he was better but not four frames better, I won 10-8.

He then haggled over the handicap and I only got a 3 start for the rematch, 10-9.

After further haggle I had to settle for 2 game start (I was 200 up). Getting a very lucky 9 ball in the deciding frame to take victory made it all the sweeter. 10-9

Having to accept just a 1 game start in the next I managed to take a 5-2 lead. Unfortunately he then started to find some form and my winnings were reduced to just 200 bucks. 7-10. A two game start in the next match up was not gonna help, he was still playing well and I was struggling to pot a thing. After losing 10-5 I complained about my bad back (to be honest it’s the best its been since I got here, amazing what a few days away from the tables does) and we finished pool for the day locking up my $100.

For supper, Nick’s girlfriend Cess had got us some steaks to bang on the bbq. Why can you not buy steak like this back home in the UK? If someone threw one at you it would cause severe physical harm. They are GREAT. I know I need to cut down on my red meat but its impossible when you come here, the food is just too damn good.

After food we played a quick game of Hearts for $50. If you have never played it there will be a free copy on your PC.

“How many points for the Queen of spades Nick? 13, oh well looks like you got it again. Hey I learn these new games quick.