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Tournament players at RedKings can look forward to a great new series.  For the next 10 weeks, every Wednesday night at 21:00 CET, RedKings will be hosting their new “Wednesday Night Added” tournaments.

This tournament series is unique in that not only will RedKings be adding money to the prize pool, they’ll be adding actual prizes as well.  These prizes aren’t your run-of-the-mill hats and t-shirts either.  RedKings has anted up with an Xbox 360, Sony Blue Ray player, Home Theater System, Nintendo Wii and more!  Don’t worry if you aren’t bankrolled for big buy-in tournaments either.  You can get into some of these tournaments for as little as $5 (ranging up to $50).

RedKings Tournament Manager, Dennis Porter, said, “After analyzing our tournament offerings we decided we would increase the choice for our tournament players, but we would not stop at just throwing a few bucks into the pot – with prizes on offer to temp even the most conservative of players we are sure these tournaments will be a resounding success, who doesn’t want to win a tournament, bag the cash, then realize that there is a brand new Xbox on its way to your doorstep too?!”

Be sure to check out the RedKings website for more details, such as exactly which Wednesday each prize is being offered up.  Also watch for the RedKings Poker Warz tournament concept – “designed with size in mind.”  Poker Warz looks to be a very popular event at RedKings as it has $50,000 guaranteed prize pool.