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The state of North Carolina is currently considering a new version of their Cherokee Gambling Compact, which could lead to the legalization of “games of dice, roulette and live poker while also establishing clear-cut regulatory guidelines for operators of video sweepstakes,” according to iGaming Business.

For now, the legislation is in the hands of the state’s generally assembly. Though controlled by the Republican party, it will be Governor Beverly Perdue, a Democrat, who presides over the hearings. One point which is sure to draw the attention of the politicians is this – the Cherokee nation is willing to pay additional moneys to the government in exchange for expanded gaming rights.

Chase Brooks, the president of the state’s Internet Based Sweepstakes Organization, was quick to compliment the decision.

“We are pleased,” he said, “to see the Cherokee nation will contribute a percentage of their new ‘live-dealer’ games to the state of North Carolina… That will be a windfall for the state’s treasury. A new compact will also create new jobs and economic opportunity for western North Carolina. It will also put the legislature and the Governor on record supporting new gaming rights and regulations.”

While all of this sounds well and good, the final goal for the Internet Based Sweepstakes Organization remains the legalization of online poker. Brooks and his fellows are continuing to press in this direction.

“It’s great the Cherokee will be getting dice games, roulette and live poker dealers but what about the people who can’t afford the $1,000 it takes to drive to the mountains, stay in a hotel and go to the casino? What about the consumer who wants to play $20 and have a good time right at home?”

He’s got a point. Hopefully the folks in the Tar Heel State are listening.