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Full Tilt’s Online Poker Series got off to a great start this week with huge prize pools and a wide variety of buy-ins.  Last night a $500+$35 shoot-out event pitting 729 of the world’s best tournament players crowned “nypitbull24” as its champion.

A shoot-out tournament has multiple tournaments inside the tournaments.  Players started on 81 tables (9 players each) and played until each table only had 1 player left.  From there 9 more table were formed (9 players each) and play resumed until 1 player was left on each table.  Those remaining nine players made up the final table.

Twenty-four of FullTilt’s Sponsored Professionals played Event #3 including Isaac “Menlo” Baron, Mike “the Mouth” Matutsow, and Andy Bloch.  Three of the pros, Greg “FBT” Mueller, Scott Fischman, and Eddy Scharf won their first table but were unable to advance to the final table.

The biggest name at the final table had to be Steve “MrSmokey1” Bilirakis, well known for being one of the youngest WSOP braclet winners in history.  He is also quite a force online, having won the $109r on PokerStars last year. Unfortunately Bilirakis lost a huge flip early at the final table (KQ<TT) and never fully recovered, busting in 6th place.  The results can be found below:

FullTilt FTOPS XII Event 3 $300,000 Guaranteed

729 Entrants; $364,500 prize pool

1. nypitbull24 $76,545
2. horryclutch $51,030
3. WILLY-RUGS $36,450
4. ptopeth $27,337.50
5. nickluvshu $20,047.50
6. MrSmokey1 $14,580
7. Bhanks11 $10,206
8. kudos1017 $6,925.50
9. tiltstars $3,098.25