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Another day gone by, another FTOPS event in the books! This time it was the FTOPS XIV Event #22: $2,500 + $120 Super Stack NLHE. 938 hopefuls showed up of which only 90 cashed; just 6 of them took home prizes well into the 6 figures!

The final table went down as follows:

9th: just a few hands after the start of the final table. Standard preflop race, with Supa4Real calling a massive overbet pf allin and sucking out.

GG Rabbit_hunterSA, your rabbit was hunted in 9th place. For you efforts during the tourney you will collect $39,865! Congrats!

Meanwhile, the sole remaining pro Gary Jones doubled up twice with sets vs overpairs on low flops versus Supa4Real, both times 44 vs QQ on 4xx flop.
Gary is now in contention…

8th: preflop shove and call. The best hand preflop prevails for once.

DanOBrien (do I know that name from somewhere?) is sent packing in 8th place, and is also instantly $54,873 richer. Congrats!

7th: another shortie pf allin, flip favors the big stack this time. Gary Jones sure has been lucky on this final table!

Ah, well, Ahvall, you will get your chance at another final table. This time, 7th place for $70,350 will have to do. Congrats!

6th: that flop was a dagger to the heart of TheAlligatorNo1. All-in preflop means you still have some hope, but that flop takes hope out of you like the Grim reaper takes the life out of people.

Timvd20, aided by a lucky flop, make that an extremely lucky flop, knocks poor TheAlligatorNo1 out in 6th. The first 6-figure payday, that $105,525 prize will help him forget all about that flop in no time.

5th: first time since that early hand that I’ve seen Supa4Real win a preflop coinflip. Nice timing though.

the_real_magic could not have imagined that that spade king would hit. Black magic if you ask me. Anyway, 5th for $146,562.50 will have to do this time. Congrats!

4th: another coinflip. Gary Jones openshoves 9BB with a raggedy ace, and gets called by the new big stack, Timvd20, with pocket fours. Best hand preflop holds up, and Gary Jones the eccentric English Pro is out in 4th.

The last remaining pro is knocked out in 4th place, earning himself $193,462.50 for his efforts. Congrats!

The payouts got serious at this point, but still no talk of a [possible deal by the remaining players.
The title looked to be on its way to the Netherlands, with both remaining chipleaders being from that country while the shorty, obiedman, was from the United States. Some questionable plays by Supa4Real though surrendered the chiplead to Timvd20, and he and obiedman were now in a dead heat in stack size.

3rd: and surprise surprise, another preflop allin.

First time that American Airlines showed up though. And Timvd20, once the dominant top chip at this final table, is now out in 3rd with a $252,097.50 prize for his efforts tonight.

Supa4Real enters heads-up play as the chipleader. But once the HU began, he started running unbelievably bad.

This hand was simply one in a series of hands in which obiedman would show up with the ubernuts and vbet poor Supa4Real who every time held a good payoff hand.

And then we have the final hand. Unsurprisingly, Supa4Real was dominated. The money went in on the flop.

And Supa4Real took home a none too shabby prize of $340,025 for his efforts tonight. The yellow shirt, however, went to obiedman, who ran like a Kenyan heads up on his way to a prize of $539,350, and endless bragging rights.

Congratulations to all who played, and remember that if today wasn’t your lucky day, there will always be better days down the road.