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For those players looking to make some extra bucks via promotions while playing poker, look no further than Poker Heaven. Poker Heaven has rolled out some fantastic promotions for the month of October. These promotions include rake races, freerolls, and even money for getting pocket aces cracked! Taking part in poker promotions is a great way to boost one’s bankroll and supplement the money taken from fish.

The centerpiece of Poker Heaven’s October promotions is its €60,000 Rake Race. From October 10th to the 31st, players will be part of a race to try and earn the most leaderboard points in that time. The more a player plays poker, the more leaderpoints they earn. Players earn one leaderboard point for every €0.25 paid in rake or tournament fees. The potential winnings are huge with €10,000 given to the 1st place winner, €7,000 to the 2nd place winner, and €5,100 to the 3rd place winner. One hundred players will be paid money and the total prize pool is €60,000.

In addition to a huge rake race, Poker Heaven has a freeroll exclusively for new depositors. The New Depositor Freeroll will feature a prize pool of €25,000. It will be played on Thursday, November 11th at 19:30 GMT. Players must deposit and play one raked hand in the month of October to be eligible. That’s it! All players that register for the tournament will win a real cash prize with the winner taking home €2,000. Don’t miss an easy chance to boost your bankroll!

The New Depositor Freeroll isn’t the only freeroll Poker Heaven is offering as part of their October promotions. All players that are members of Poker Heaven’s Facebook group will be able to access their Facebook Freeroll. The freeroll is set to take place on October 31st at 19:30 GMT. The password to enter the tournament will be posted on group’s wall on the day of the tournament. The Top 25 finishers in the freeroll will win €20.

Poker Heaven’s final promotion is a bit more creative than the standard rake races and freerolls. Poker Heaven plans on giving out €15,000 just for losing with pocket aces in their Magic Hands promotion! Players that lose with pocket aces three times from the 1st to 31st of October are well on their way to winning a €100 piece of the €15,000 pie. Players simply need to submit their Magic Hand claim in The Player Zone and their poker account will be credited within 72 hours. In order to be eligible for this promotion, both pocket cards must be used in all hands and each hand must reach showdown. Any hands played below the €0.12/€0.25 stakes will not be considered and a minimum of four players must be dealt into the hand.

Looking to sign up for Poker Heaven and take advantage of these huge promotions? All these promotions are in addition to the 30% rakeback you can receive for signing up for Poker Heaven through FlopTurnRiver. Simply use the bonus code HEAVEN when making your first deposit to begin generating rakeback. On top of the rakeback, new players can take advantage of Poker Heaven’s 200% initial deposit bonus worth up to €1,000. Rakeback, an initial deposit bonus, a rake race, freerolls, and insurance for cracked aces are five reasons to sign up with Poker Heaven through FlopTurnRiver today! Good luck at the felt!