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Polish poker professional Olorionek won WCOOP Event 30 taking first place and the prize of $54,814!

Event 30 was a triple shootout tournament. Shootouts are getting more and more popular. In a shootout format tournament you play each table until you beat all the players and you are the only one remaining. Then you move onto the next table to do the same. Win three tables and you’re the champion. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

Event 30 featured 645 entrants, with a total prize pool of $322,500 and 100 players. The buy in was $530, and the tournament ran for a total of 2 days. The shootout format favors players who play well shorthanded, compared to other tournament formats, as to take the title you need to win 3 heads up matches.

Round 1 brought the total down to 100 players, with 100th place $1,241. The biggest name pro making a deep run was Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu who finished in 95th place.

At the final table all players started with 7,500 in chips. Olorionek got it all in early against thegrinda444 with KK against AA. The board came down K 10 4 9 5 to give Olorionek the suckout and the early double up. Next Olorionek got it all in with AK suited against QQ and hit the king to knock out Mateywin in 9th place. After knocking out 10th place and 9th place players, Olorionek went ahead and knocked out Adam Eterno in 8th place with 10s 9s on a flop of 876 against AA.

After keeping his big stack from the onset of the final table, Olorionek found himself in a tough heads up match, where his chip stack took a beating until he was even with Floebbi from Germany. In the decisive hand Olorionek got it all in with A3 against Floebbi’s KQ. The board came out 524 giving Olorionek the flopped straight and the championship.

1 Olorionek Poland $54,814.20
2 floebbi Germany $45,000.00
3 TiltStarter Russia $30,476.25
4 gipsy74 Russia $22,736.25
5 AngleZero Finland $15,963.75
6 RealAndyBeal Austria $12,900.00
7 MrP0P Canada $10,158.75
8 adam eterno United Kingdom $8,062.50
9 Mateywin Slovenia $6,127.50
10 thagrinda444 Canada $4,515.00