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Once again it’s time to look at the movers and shakers on the Ongame Network Leaderboard.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 players on the MTT Tournament Leaderboard this month, thus far:

1. ToMontana8: 7724
2. Rex Cramer: 7043
3. billybillard: 6234
4. massi83: 5848
5. finnrene:5486
6. knock9999: 5191
7. p0cket00: 5006
8. cambiaso24 4983
9. Don Cool: 4943
10. VENOM__512: 4734.00

If you’d like to take a look at any other days preceding April 10th, you can head over to FlopTurnRiver’s network page for the Ongame Network, which is and head to the bottom of the page. After that, you can click any of the blue hyperlinks to check out the results for that day! For those of you who would like to take an in depth look at the top 100 players as of April 10th for the Ongame Network, check out and take a look!

Let’s take a quick look and compare the results from last month, and see who’s made improvements, and who’s fallen back a bit.

1. finnrene: 17426
2. ToMontana8: 15460
3. massi83: 12377
4. KKAAnibAAAl: 12132
5. Blueszu66: 11386
6. raymond12345: 11304
7. Yeepeekaye: 10541
8. knock9999: 10380
9. simpson555: 9626
10. Kubisch81: 9523

As you can see, ToMontana8 has improved from his second place finish last month and assumed the pole position for the first third of April. Massi83 has fallen back one spot from fourth down to third, and finnrene, has fallen down four spots from 1st place in March, down to 5th for April. Knock9999 is the only other player to keep a top 10 spot, falling down to eighth place this month. These players are showing themselves to be consistent thus far, but we’ll have to see how it pans out over the next month, to see if they can keep it up!

The consistency of the Top 10 from last month is a bit questionable, as the only one of them that’s in the Top 25 for April is Kubisch81 with 4403 chips, good for 19th place.

Check back next week to see who’s improved, who’s fallen, and who’s raking the chips in as I update you once again for the Ongame Network Leaderboard!