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Online poker may be seeing a new demographic of people stepping up to play in coming days. Gaming Laboratories International will be releasing a poker console to be installed in traditional casinos that will allow users to try their shot against players online. This will be marketed to casinos with and without a card room, but may be the most exciting for those who lack a card room to play in.

This is interesting for a few simple reasons. Firstly it allows players who may not be tech savvy to play online when they might not have been capable otherwise. Whether these players will be good or not is up for debate, but it will allow a wider variety of people the chance to have a poke at the average online player. It will also be a good way to handle increased numbers chances to play poker at a casino. Often times the tables will be full and it could prove to be an excellent way to warm up or blow off a little steam after a bad beat or two.

The game itself will be a ‘WSOP’ brand console featuring Texas Hold’em as the game of choice. It has a tentative release date of 3 months from now and few other details have been outlined. There have been no reports of where these consoles will be installed or how many are going to be placed around the country.

The consoles themselves are licensed through Harrah’s Licensing Company which is affiliated with Harrah’s Entertainment. This is also where they are getting the official brand of the WSOP from.

So keep an eye out for these new machines when you make your next visit to the casino in a few months and check them out. It might be an interesting and new environment to experience a little competitive Texas Hold’em in the near future!