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Imagine living in Las Vegas with three of your best friends, playing as much online poker as you can,  all with one common goal.  The goal?  To win $2,000,000 in 2 months.  That is the premise of a new “Docu-Series” on G4 TV, which will begin airing in August.  The show is appropriately called “2 Months, $2 Million”.

The players are some of the best high stakes players in the online poker world.  Brian Roberts, a.k.a. “Flawless_Victory”, Emil Patel, a.k.a. “Whitelime”, Dani Stern, a.k.a. “Ansky”, and Jason Rosenkrantz, a.k.a. “pr1nnyraid”, will be living in Vegas with the goal of winning a combined $2 million over a 2 month period, using only their own money.  Not an easy task by any means.  Add in the fact that these are four young men, very interested in all the temptations and distractions that Vegas has to offer, and you can see how these friends will encounter some very interesting situations, on and off the tables.

Some time ago an online poker series was rumored to be in the works starring some of the same players, however, it never really seemed to come together.  This series was also in peril of not coming to fruition.  There was some concern by those in charge about the legality of online poker in light of the UIGEA and the current online poker environment in general.  In the end though, after much debate and discussion between the execs at G4 and their legal team, the series was given the go-ahead.  Filming is set to commence before the end of the month and  the show will begin airing at some time in August.

The most well-known of the players on the new show is probably Rosenkrantz.  Most people will know him in one way or another, either from playing as “pr1nnyraid” on Full Tilt, “purplEUROS” on PokerStars, or as DeucesCracked executive producer and co-founder, where he goes by KRANTZ.  Either way, he made a name for himself when he was the highest winning player in no-limit cash games for 2007-2008.  During that time he was crushing some of the highest limit games available and gained a reputation for being willing to play anyone at anytime, while many other players were looking for  softer games.  However, according to his blog, DANGERLION, he had a rough end to last year and beginning of this year and has moved down in stakes with plans of moving back up as soon as his bankroll gains back a little health.

Most players know that poker is a long-term game and setting short-term monetary goals can be a dangerous thing.  It will be definitely interesting to watch these very good players deal with the pressure of trying to make $500k each in a 2 month period.  At the very least, “2 Months, 2 Million” will an interesting watch, and should bring some attention to online poker at a time when some (hopefully) positive attention could be a good thing.